Equaffine --- Introduction ---

A line in the plane can be described under one of 4 following forms: an explicit function, an implicit equation, a pair of parametric equations, or two points on the line. A situation that generalises over affine subspaces of higher dimension (such as a line or a plane in the space).

This exercise can present on such subspace under one of the forms of the description, and ask you to describe it under another form. With the variation of dimension, it can be used either in very elementary levels (line in the plane), or right up to situations requiring complicated computations of linear algebra.

Note that the server does not give standard solutions, as the solutions are in general not unique.

Set up
  • Type of the subspace: in the
  • Form of the presentation: by
  • Asked-for description: find

Attention. The condition on integer coordinates/coefficients may considerably increase the difficulty of the problem.

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